How It Works
Discover how easy it is to use Mosque Prayer Times

1. Register your Mosque

Go to "Register Mosque" page and provide your location to calculate prayer start times. Default "Calculation Methods" & "Juristic Settings" will be selected based on your location. Our "Iqama Times Generator" will generate your default Iqama times (i.e. 5 minutes after each prayer start time) & Jum'ah time will be set at 1:00

2. Choose right options for your Mosque

In case you want to change any of the default settings, you can log in to your account and choose right options for you. We provide different algorithm to calculate Iqama times, but you can also upload your own Iqama times if our algorithm does not work for your mosque

3. Mosque URL

Right after the registration process, URL will be generated for your Mosque. That URL can be visited on any internet browser to see Prayer times of your mosque.

4. Platform Independent

Since Mosque application is browser based application so it works with all major platforms (operating system) as long as you have internet browser. It also works very well with browsers on T.V, phones & tablets.

5. Recommended Internet Browser

We recommend you to use Chrome internet browser for best results. "Add to home screen" or "Add to desktop" gives you an option to create shortcut icon on your home screen. It opens your application in full screen mode; we recommend you to use that option.

6. Recommended Cheapest Solution

You can buy any $50 (approx.) Android TV Box or Android mini PC from Amazon and connect it with any display having HDMI input.

7. Offline Mode

In case you don't have an access to the internet, you can still use this application. You just need to open it once on your device when you are connected to the internet. Offline version of your application will work until your subscription is expired or 1 year is over (whichever comes first). Please check "Preferences" on mosque account section for enabling offline mode.